Investment Information

Investment Oversight and Philosophy

Our investments are guided by our Board of Directors in compliance with our Investment Policy and investment philosophy which is prudent stewardship of funds entrusted to us for the benefit of the philanthropists and charitable organizations we serve. As an endowed organization, we will be here in perpetuity to ensure our clients' funds continue to do all that they envisioned.

Investment Objective

Our primary investment objective is to invest funds with a focus on broad diversification to help control risk, while achieving long-term growth to offset inflationary impact, and allow for current and long-term support of our clients' charitable wishes.  We employ a balanced growth strategy in which our clients' assets are invested in equity and fixed income instruments, both domestic and international in nature.

Investment Management

To achieve our investment objective with efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the Foundation has retained Vanguard Institutional Advisory Services (VIAS), a specialized business unit of the Vanguard Group, as its investment advisor.  VIAS employs active and passive investment strategies that balance the opportunity for growth with its associated risks.

 Investment Allocation

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