Whatever your aspirations are for the future of your community, we offer a continuum of funds designed to be responsive to your needs.

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Agency Fund

An agency fund is established by a nonprofit organization for its own benefit. The nonprofit organization receives annual distributions from the fund for purposes established by the nonprofit organization.  Agency funds are best suited for the nonprofit organization that would like to benefit from the Foundation's investment management and fund administration.

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Designated Fund

A designated fund allows you to specify one or more nonprofit organizations that will be supported by your fund. If one of the designated nonprofit organizations changes its mission or ceases to exist, we will help you identify a comparable organization so that your philanthropic legacy continues to do the work you intended. The designated fund is best suited for the client who wishes to support a particular charity but wants third-party oversight to ensure that principal is not invaded or that the gift is used as specified.

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Donor Advised Fund

A donor advised fund allows you to easily manage charitable giving, as part of overall financial and tax planning, without the obligation of running a private foundation. You can add to your fund at any time and make grant recommendations to any charity that meets Internal Revenue Service guidelines. We handle the administrative and investment management details. The donor advised fund is best suited for the client looking for an efficient and cost effective alternative to a private foundation, the client who wishes to remain active in making grants to favorite charities, or the client who wishes to cultivate family philanthropy by appointing sucessor advisors to the fund.

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Field of Interest Fund

A field of interest fund allows you to address an area of particular importance to you, including but not limited to animal welfare, arts and culture, community development, public safety, education, youth, environment, health, or human services. We honor your wishes forever by annually awarding grants from your fund to organizations and programs within your area of interest. The field of interest fund is best suited for the client who wishes to support a specific area of interest rather than specifying one or more nonprofit organizations as beneficiaries of the fund.

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A grow-a-fund allows you to establish a fund with an initial $5,000 gift and a commitment to build the fund to $25,000, or $100,000 for an agency fund, within five years at which time it will mature to one of the following fund types: agency, designated, donor advised, field of interest, or unrestricted. No distributions may be made from the fund until maturity. The grow-a-fund is best suited for the client who plans to incrementally start a charitable fund at the Foundation.

Supporting Organization

Established by an individual, family, business, or an existing private foundation with a contribution of at least $5 million, a supporting organization is a separate entity that operates under Lakeshore Community Foundation and enjoys public charity status.  You select some of the board members of the supporting organization, maintain personal involvement, and support chosen causes and organizations while enjoying the favorable tax treatment of a public charity.

(Community Foundation v. Private Foundation)

Unrestricted Fund

An unrestricted fund allows you to address the changing opportunities in your community by assigning Lakeshore Community Foundation complete discretion in awarding grants from your fund. The unrestricted fund is best suited for the client who recognizes that community opportunities are everchanging and wants their fund to have the broadest impact on the community in perpetuity.

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