As your partner in philanthropy, we will help you shape your giving strategy and help you to become more familiar with the nonprofit organizations working to build stronger, more vibrant communities. We offer you a place to learn, share and create change.

(Benefits of giving through your community foundation)


Variety of Giving Options

With a variety of giving options, you can achieve multiple charitable objectives through a fund at Lakeshore Community Foundation. The best option for you depends on your financial situation, what you want to achieve, and how you choose to accomplish your objectives. Our staff will be happy to meet with you and your professional advisor to discuss giving options.  For more information about our giving options, visit Fund Types.

Help Research the Causes You Care About

We can help you identify the nonprofit organizations that are making a difference in our communities and the areas where you can make the greatest impact. We can research a topic or nonprofit organization in which you are interested and help you evaluate specific programs.

Professional Investment Management

We provide professional investment management which enables you to make the most of your philanthropy. We manage all client funds according to the highest standards of accountability. All of the Foundation's assets are pooled for investment management purposes, minimizing cost and increasing return. The pooled asset concept gives a small client the same professional investment opportunities as a large client, and it creates an economy of scale that ensures more funds support your charitable interests.

Due Diligence on Grantees

We conduct due diligence on all grantees by verifying each grantee's tax-exempt status and charitable mission.  We complete all necessary paperwork for grant administration and monitor your grant dollars to ensure they are used in an optimal manner.

Financial Reporting

You will receive fund statements on the investment and grantmaking activity of your fund. Since we manage the accounting and record keeping for your fund, we relieve you of administrative tasks and tax reporting.

Grant Management for Donor Advised Funds

Recommending a grant is simple. You submit your grant recommendation to the Foundation.  After we complete the due diligence and receive approval from our Board of Directors, we send a check to the grantee. The letter accompanying the grant can state it is from your fund, but we will ensure confidentiality if you wish to remain anonymous.